Q: What fitness level is required for your camp?

A: Our camps are designed for the ‘semi-serious’ all the way up to ‘competitive racer’. The goal for our camps is to further develop fitness, but also to gain skills and knowledge that allow you to become faster, fitter and leads to more wins on race day!


Q: How do you support different fitness levels of the athletes in your camps?

A: Just like professional training camps, riders come in with varying levels of fitness, depending on the type of rider and the part of the season they are targeting. We have a team vehicle that will allow shuttling of riders if/when needed.


Q: What are the age requirements of the Camp?

A: 18 years old and up 

Q: What is the cancellation policy. 

A: Refunds available up to Jan 15th, 2019. We cannot give refunds after Jan 15th unless there is a person able to take your spot.

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